Calling these “bean bags” would be like calling Superman average. It’s preposterous! A Xorbee is what we call “frameless furniture.” Which is just like your couch, except instead of using all that wood and metal to construct it, we only use the comfortable parts - the foam and the fabric. What a crazy idea, right?

Xorbees are so comfortable you’ll never want to get up again. That’s because we only use the highest quality foam and stitching. Meaning that your bag will stay comfortable forever, and if it doesn’t, we’ll fix it (that’s a warranty).

We make sacks in all shapes (as long as it’s sort of round) and sizes (as long as it’s humongous) ranging from our 3ft wide Xorbee Jr. to the 8ft wide Xotic lounger. Buy one just for yourself, or have the whole gang pile on. Just make sure you have enough room - you’re going to need it!

If you like being comfortable (and it’d be weird if you didn’t), then you’re perfect for a Xorbee. Scroll up a little bit and go pick out your new Xorbee.