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Xorbee Foam Filled Chairs

Calling our chairs “bean bags” is like calling Superman average. It’s inaccurate, it's misleading, and it's preposterous!

A Xorbee isn't a bean bag chair, it's what we call “frameless furniture,” which is just like your couch, except instead of using all that wood and metal to construct it, we only use the comfortable parts - the foam and the fabric. Crazy idea, right?

Xorbee foam-filled loungers and rounds might look like adult bean bags, but they’re much more. We’ve taken the best parts of your living room furniture and removed all the hardware and discomfort to create the most comfortable furniture you’ll ever own. In addition to our innovative design, our manufacturers use only the highest-quality foam and stitching to ensure that each piece of Xorbee furniture is not only durable, but that it lasts longer than your average adult bean bag. We guarantee that your Xorbee furniture will always maintain the same level of comfort, and last a lifetime.

Xorbee’s frameless furniture is more versatile than the average bean bag chair. Our furniture is available in a wide variety of shapes (as long as it’s sort of round) and sizes. Our popular furniture range from our 3 foot wide Xorbee Jr. to the 8 foot wide Xotic lounger, each designed to function flawlessly, without wear and tear from regular use, while providing optimal comfort.

Xorbee understands the science behind frameless furniture—they shouldn’t be designed to be giant, lumpy bean bags that don’t conform to your body. They need to be designed like furniture without a frame.

Take the best parts of the couch (the comfortable cushioning and durable stitching) and take away the uncomfortable part (the frame) and you have Xorbee’s expertly designed rounds and loungers.

If this sounds awesome, then you’re perfect for a Xorbee.

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